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Mirihi is an island of superlatives.  If you are considering a trip to the Maldives, and Mirihi is on your list of resorts, look no further.  If you wish to be spoiled and pampered in a laid back, unpretentious, idyllic environment, Mirihi is undoubtedly the place for you.

The tiny island of Mirihi is pure bliss, ringed by a white sand beach and surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise water.  It is an idyllic place that seems to have come from the imagination.  Accommodations include 30 water villas and 6 beach villas.  We stayed in a water villa, which is a dream for any snorkeler.

For divers and snorkelers, the island is home to an amazing, world-class house reef.  The reef is healthy, exuberant and teeming with life.  Among the creatures I’ve spotted on the reef are spotted eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, moray eels, titan trigger fish, reef squid, giant clams, oriental grunts and a beautiful array of reef fish.  The coral is healthy and abundant, and there is also house wreck.

Picasso Trigger Fish – Mirihi Reef

White Tip Reef Shark – Mirihi Reef

Titan Trigger Fish – Mirihi Reef

School of Convict Surgeon Fish – Mirihi Reef

This flutemouth was extremely territorial!  He was not happy that I invaded his territory, so I quickly moved away to give him his space.

Flutemouth – Mirihi Reef

Now, about the food… Mirihi is a culinary heaven, which will not disappoint even the most discriminating foodie. Admittedly, I am not a fan of buffet style dining, but Mirihi has created an entirely new definition of “buffet”. The evening buffets rotate with each night showcasing a different theme.  Make sure to try the Maldivian buffet. For those unfamiliar with Maldivian food, it is a spicy cuisine, which combines elements of several Indian Ocean country cuisines such as Indian and Thai.  Wine lovers will be very pleasantly surprised at the extensive wine menu.  Vegetarians (like me) will be happy with the array of non-meat options.

From the Mirihi Dessert Table

More Amazing Desserts

Guest service is another of Mirihi’s strong suits.  Every interaction with Mirihi staff was a pleasure.  This is five-star service at its best, but there is also a laid back element that adds a welcome, informal element to the resort experience.  On Maldivian night at dinner, we were treated to an impromptu traditional Maldivian performance by the staff.

Mirihi Staff Singing at Dinner

Guests were invited to participate in the staff’s daily soccer (football) match.
Mirihi was designed with divers and snorkelers in mind.  The on site dive shop is located in its own building on the island.  The facility is purpose built for divers and includes an expansive locker room where you can store your gear for the duration of your stay.  The dive staff is knowledgeable, friendly, professional and accommodating.  For snorkelers, the water villas have several features to enhance your experience such as outside drying racks for your clothing and gear, and an expansive shower that opens to the outside deck.  But my favorite feature is the stairway to the reef.
Mirihi has several excursions on offer.  We took the whale shark seeker cruise, which fulfilled a lifelong dream of swimming with whale sharks.
I’d love to claim credit for this shot, but when my Maldivian friend asked to borrow my camera, this is what I found later.

Whale Shark – South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Mirihi is not about marble columns and chandeliers, it is about appreciation of the astounding natural beauty and sea life, and the simple luxuries that make this experience such a pleasure.
One of my favorite aspects of the Mirihi experience is the barefoot vibe.  I didn’t wear any form of footwear (well, do fins count?) during our entire stay.  This is my idea of heaven.
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  1. Meredith,
    You have previously posted many outstanding Reeftravelers, but this one is extraordinary!
    Viewing your photographs and the video of the island, accomodations, food and spa turns this exposure into a dreamland. Although I will never get there, you have shared an AWESOME destination and I wish you many happy returns. Looking forward to your future emails.

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