Sep 212011

This is Part V in a series of guest posts by Frank Gourley.

Where the Koala Bears Aren’t Bears and the Wombats Aren’t Bats – Travelogue and Photos by Frank Gourley

The two destinations this day were the Ferndale Wildlife Park at Blacktown and The Blue Mountains at Katoomba.  Having been here long enough to know not to trust signage to get us where we want to go, I exited the ‘interstate’ at Blacktown and asked for directions at a pet store.  A sign on the front said: ‘Frozen mice and rats for sale.’

The Ferndale Wildlife Park has a quite extensive collection of Australian wildlife – birds, mammals, and reptiles.  They, in general, have them housed by where they are found – mountains, grasslands, and coastal.  However, many of the animals run free, so there are kangaroos, emus, wallabies, and some birds that mix with the people, particularly if there is food involved.  We spent several hours there!

From there we drove on to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains.  On the way we kept seeing signs that said “Refuge Island”; we finally realized that it meant the median strip where people could stand between the two lanes of traffic.

It was about 4:00p when we arrived at Katoomba.  The views just outside of town were quite impressive – a little like the Grand Canyon, but with trees.  There was a slight haze, caused by the eucalyptus trees, but you could see for miles.  We drove a loop road that gave us several different views.

Stay Tuned for the final installment of this guest post series from Frank Gourley – Terra de Diemens (Van Diemen’s Land) – Tasmania…

Frank Gourley retired in 2006 as an administrator of engineering technology education programs at the university level, and now pursues his interests in Travel, Photography, Architecture, Woodworking, Music, Singing, Guitar, Watercolor, Art, Crafts, Gardening, Railroading, Beaching, Boats, Canoeing, Outdoors & Wildlife, Construction, Alternative Health, Yoga, Maps, Cooking, Oriental Landscaping, Chronicling, and Genealogy, in addition to enjoying activities with family and friends.  He and Genene, his wife, live in Charleston, WV.

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