Oct 012011

After a 13 hour flight to Pape’ete followed by a ferry to Vaiare, we were finally in Moorea.  As we drove to our hotel, my gaze was drawn into Cook’s bay, and there she was.  A magnificent beauty!

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

A surreal arrival.

Her name is The Maltese Falcon, and she is one of the largest and most technologically advanced sailing ships in the world.

Her stats:

Length – 289 ft (88 m)

Age – built in 2006

accommodates 12 guests

Built for American businessmanTom Perkins, sold in 2009 to Elena Ambrosiadou

3 masts

15 sails

She was moored in the bay, but would I ever see her in action?

After a few blissful days in Moorea, we caught another glimpse while enjoying a gorgeous morning on the deck.

She wasn’t under sail, but she was still a glorious sight.  Out for her morning exercise, no doubt.

What is the most memorable boat you’ve spotted?

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