Oct 062011

As a kid growing up in West Virginia, I would sit on my roof for hours and gaze at the night sky.  Orion?  Check. Big Dipper.  Yup, still there. Meteor showers?  I’ve seen my fair share of them.  The constellations were my constant companions.  Unlike the friends that might come and go, they were there for me every night.

Fast forward several years….Living in a metropolitan area, it’s a rare day when I see the stars in their full glory. Urban dwelling + stargazing is not a proven formula for success.  But I discovered a way to get my fix via an app called Star Walk.

Star Walk is packed with some seriously amazing features.

-Calendar showing the phases of the moon, meteor shower dates, eclipse dates and other heavenly happenings

-Picture of the Day, often from the Hubble Telescope

-And my favorite…. a constellation identifier which maps out the constellations you are currently viewing.  Simply hold your iPad towards the sky, and voila!  The names of the constellations magically appear.

The beauty of this app is that it allows you to see the night sky wherever you are, but my favorite place to use this app is on a remote island, atoll or beach.

This might just be the coolest app ever.

Star Walk is available for iPhone and iPad.

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