Oct 252011

As an avid Tripadvisor user, I’m constantly scanning the forums for useful information. I recently came across a post by a fellow Destination Expert that I found very valuable, and well worth reposting on Reeftraveler (with the author’s permission, of course).

The post was by BeautifulBill, a Destination Expert for St. Thomas. Bill and his wife own a condo at gorgeous Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas (VRBO #358600). Sapphire Beach is known for its excellent snorkeling, and over the years, Bill has admittedly become a self-appointed reef policeman. I applaud Bill for taking the initiative to protect the fragile ecosystem that lures so many avid snorkelers and beachgoers to St. Thomas. Keep up the great work Bill!

Bill’s Beach Rules

1. Do not touch, stand on, remove, walk on, or in any way damage the coral. It may look like a rock, but it is a living organism that tourists regularly kill and damage by walking and standing on it.

2. Do not leave trash, straws, cups, wrappers, bottles, cans, boxes or any other foreign objects on the beach. You are responsible for keeping the beach clean.

3. Cigarette and cigar butts are TRASH (see rule 2). I often see people remove cans and bottles, but leave cigarette buts in the sand for some child to come along with a pail and shovel to play in trash, please remove them.

4. If you must play music without a headset, please keep the volume at a reasonable level. Not everyone shares the same tastes in music, and many enjoy the sound of the waves over some random song.

5. If you decide to dig a big hole in the sand then fill it when you leave so that it is not a trip and fall hazard.

6. It is perfectly fine to enjoy alcohol at the beach, but restrict your consumption so that you are not inebriated and causing a scene.

7. Playing catch on the beach or in the water is fine, but find an area where you aren’t going to hit someone with a ball.

8. Be considerate if you are shaking sand of your towel or blanket. No one enjoys a face full of sand. The same applies to spraying sunscreen.

9. Iguanas, feral cats, and ducks no mater how cute should not be fed. Feeding them is not healthy for them, and makes them aggressive with humans.

10. Do not feed fish dog biscuits or bread, it may kill them. It is best to leave nature alone.

To the readers out there, do you have anything to add to Bill’s Beach Rules?

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