Oct 272011

The California Academy of Sciences is a museum and research organization located in San Francisco that is dedicated to education and public outreach.  The Academy’s mission is to explore, explain and protect the natural world.

My very cool and intelligent sister-in-law is the Docent Coordinator at the Academy, so I have a bit of first hand knowledge about the wonderful work that the Academy is involved in.

While perusing their website this week, I came across an amazing webcam – The Shark Lagoon Cam.  Shark Lagoon is one of the many aquarium exhibits at the Academy.  Among the species that inhabit Shark Lagoon are Blacktip Reef Sharks, Cownose Rays, Bamboo Sharks and Honeycomb Rays.

There is a fun feature on the Shark Lagoon Cam, which allows you to take a photo that is then uploaded to Flickr.  Below is the photo that I took (the quality is not optimal, but it was fun nevertheless).  You can find the live video stream here.

Shark Lagoon: California Academy of Sciences Captured live at 4:13pm on 10/27/11 by Reeftraveler (US). Check out the real-time stream at www.calacademy.org/webcams/sharks.

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