Nov 302011

I just returned home from an amazing ten day trip to the US and British Virgin Islands. While it’s nice to be home, I miss the clear blue water, green mountains and of course, my fish friends.


I returned home with a smile and a mental note to begin planning next year’s trip to this little piece of paradise.

Nov 162011

If the real thing don’t do the trick

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

you better make up something quick

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

You gonna burn into the wick

Aren’t you, Barracuda?

I have an uncontrollable urge to sing the Heart song when I see these photos or when I spot one underwater. If only I had a voice like Ann Wilson…..

Nov 122011

French Polynesia is a place of astounding natural beauty.

From the dramatic peaks of Moorea…

to the stunning sunsets in Fakarava…

to the eternally blue lagoons…

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

to the lush flora.

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

The people of French Polynesia are just as beautiful as their surroundings (inside and out).  The women are renowned for their gorgeous dark hair, perfect skin and beautiful smiles.

So how do they all manage to look so amazingly stunning?  Good genetics certainly helps, but is there an ancient Tahitian beauty secret that will unleash your inner Polynesian goddess?  I asked, and I got the scoop. It’s called monoi.

Monoi is a beauty oil made from pure coconut oil and the Tiare flower (Tahitian Gardenia).  True Monoi has very strict production standards.

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Monoi has been a staple of Tahitian life for centuries, and it has many traditional uses.  The most popular uses today are as a skin and hair conditioner.

It comes in many scents, but I prefer the traditional Tiare scent.

Monoi can be found at many health food stores, or you can order online here.