Nov 022011

So why was I so excited about receiving an old jug of rum?

Well, this isn’t just any old rum in any old jug.

Pusser’s is the original rum of the British Royal Navy.  Beginning in the 1600’s, British sailors were given a daily ration of rum (called a tot).  For many, this was the high point of an otherwise dull or grueling day.  It was often their only “luxury”, and it was also used as a form of currency at sea.

The ship’s Purser was the guardian of the rum stores, and he was often called the “Pusser” by the sailors. Hence, the name Pusser’s.

While the navy tradition officially ended in 1970, Pusser’s lives on thanks to entrepreneur Charles Tobias. Tobias acquired the rights to Pusser’s from the Admiralty and resurrected Pusser’s in Tortola, using the original formula.  In 1980, Pusser’s became available to the public for the first time.

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The jug that we were given is an official jug with the unbroken British Navy Seal.  It’s my own little piece of history.  I can only imagine grueling ocean voyages in three-masted wooden sailing ships, and pirates plotting their next plunder from one of the many hidden coves of the idyllic Virgin Islands.  I love it when an item or artifact lets you envision history, and allows you to tap into the mind of those who lived in bygone eras (can you tell I studied history in college?).

Pusser’s is also the rum used in the classic BVI painkiller.

Do you have a favorite rum drink or a favorite rum?  Do tell!

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