Dec 312011

2011 was a spectacular travel year for me. It was my first (and hopefully not last) taste of the Maldives. Those exotic beauties, otherwise known as atolls, are teeming with vibrant reefs and large pelagics. I’m forever under their spell.

I also visited Dubai, a mesmerizing city and a real eye opener. From deserts to beaches to shopping malls and souks, Dubai has it all.

And my first travel love, the Caribbean, was no stranger to me this year. Jaunts to the Turks and Caicos and Dominican Republic provided much needed long weekend respites. And a longer trip to my true loves, the Virgin Islands, was memorable and celebratory.

Mr. Reeftraveler was right there by my side during it all, and for that I am forever thankful!

I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!

Dec 302011

Aqua Action is our dive shop of choice on St. Thomas. It’s located at Secret Harbour resort, which has a beautiful white sand beach and very good shore snorkeling and diving. I had planned to post dive and snorkel photos from our recent stay there, but my underwater camera met an unfortunate (and sad) demise mid-trip. But I won’t let this happen again, and I’ll tell you why in my next post. Until then, happy Friday!

Dec 192011

Sometimes I suffer from blog overload. Between writing Reeftraveler and reading other blogs, it could take up 25 hours a day if I allowed it.

But I always enjoy checking in with Jess who writes the blog Running with Bondi.


Jess just returned from the Virgin Island trip with yours truly. I’m looking forward to reading her upcoming posts about my favorite islands. A fresh perspective is always a good thing.

And you’ll love the photos of her adorable vizsla, Bondi!