Dec 042011

Another dreamy trip to my favorite Caribbean sailing & boating playground – the British Virgin Islands.  It’s always fun to map out your itinerary for the day.  Shall it be The Indians or The Baths?  Perhaps Sandy Spit and White Bay?  The choices are endless, and they’re all good.

By the time the noon sun is overhead, your mind turns to lunch and you begin to think about where to tie up for a bite.  Thankfully, there’s no shortage of dockside dining options catering to boaters, yachties and day-trippers (no shoes necessary).

One of my favorites is Sidney’s Peace & Love in Little Harbour, Jost Van Dyke.

Sidney’s is an annual stop for us.  We were very sad to hear of Sidney’s passing last year, but happy to see that his family is carrying on the family name and restaurant.  The food is as tasty as ever.

Sidney’s is a dockside, open-air restaurant that also has an air-conditioned dining room.  It’s a special place, where you can be assured of fresh, home-cooked food served with warmth and friendliness rarely found elsewhere.

Look towards the bar and you’ll notice that there’s no bartender.  No worries, Sidney’s has (seemingly) one of the world’s few remaining honor bars where you can play bartender for the day.  The bar looks like a relic, but be assured that the liquor is top quality.

and the painkiller mix is one of the BVIs’ best.

It can take 45 minutes to an hour to receive your meal, but this isn’t a stateside fast-food restaurant. The best strategy is to place your order then head over to Sandy Spit or another nice spot for a leisurely swim. By the time you return, an amazing meal will be waiting. Or, simply hang out, enjoy the view, relax, check out their awesome selection of hats and shirt and get to know the family (Strawberry is a dear). And if you ask, they will be happy to show you their lobster tank.

The lobster at Sidney’s is as fresh as it gets (evident from the photo above) and very tasty. My favorite dish is the lobster sandwich, which is the Caribbean equivalent of the famous Maine lobster roll.

and the conch fritters are the real deal, skillfully filled with loads of fresh conch.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave an article of clothing before sailing off into the sunset.

Peace and Love,


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