Jan 022012

Two posts ago, I mentioned that my underwater camera died at a most unfortunate time.  I suddenly found myself without a means to take underwater photos and video during my recent trip to the Virgin Islands.  Mr. Reeftraveler offered me his Canon S90, but I wasn’t familiar with the housing, and I didn’t want to deny him the opportunity to photograph a dive.  And while I could easily have purchased another camera on the island (it’s not like St. Thomas is devoid of shopping opportunities), I was frankly a bit fed up since this was my second Canon D10 that has flooded (despite careful maintenance and adherence to the depth guidelines).  Never without a backup camera, I used my Canon G12 to photograph the remainder of the land based trip.  I made the decision to deal with the underwater quandary when I returned home.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I contacted Canon to inquire about repairing the D10.  Six days later, a new (or refurbished) D10 arrived at my doorstep (Canon customer service rocks!).  But did I really want to rely on this camera?  Two D10s have flooded on me after all.  One in Dubai, and one in St. Thomas.

Fast forward another few weeks, and the solution arrived in my lap.  Thanks to Mr. Reeftraveler, I am the proud new owner of the perfect accessory – a Fisheye Fix underwater housing for the Canon G12 (purchased from Backscatter).

Photo from www.backscatter.com

Made of machined aluminum, this sturdy (and beautifully crafted) housing is a thing of beauty.  It even has a port which allows the use of an exterior fisheye lens (hum, maybe I “need” this too).  Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting my next underwater sojourn.

How do you capture the underwater world?  Point and shoot with housing?  DSLR with housing?  Or an underwater point and shoot that requires no housing (Canon D10, Olympus Tough)?

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