Apr 072012

In the diving and snorkeling world, the southern Caribbean island of Dominica is not well known (not to be confused with the tourist mecca of the Dominican Republic).  But I think that is about to change.  Dominica is a mountainous island, with vibrant green forests, flowing rivers and dramatic terrain.  It’s a dream destination for the adventure traveler or those looking for an unspoiled paradise.  But who knew about its unique and exotic undersea landscape?  The island boasts a vast array of dive and snorkel sites, from volcanic vents on the ocean floor to plunging drop-offs, walls and canyons.  It’s also home to many species not often found in the Caribbean such as frogfish, electric rays and flying gunards.  And equally exciting are the spectacular whale watching opportunities found in Dominica’s waters.  One of the prime whale watching spots in the Caribbean, you may spot any of seven species of whales and eleven species of dolphins.  Suddenly, Dominica has climbed to the top of my Caribbean bucket list.

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