Apr 152012

A collection of links that have caught my eye this week.

Follow Velma (my super smart sister-in-law) and her colleagues at the California Academy of Sciences as they start their newest expedition in Sao Tome and Principe. There is some stunning eye candy in this post, in the form of snakes, frogs, mountain vistas and even a seahorse. For more on the education component of this expedition, see this post.

No dive trip in your near future? Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Open Sea Webcam for an underwater fix. You might see some little old things such as hammerhead sharks and bluefin tuna.

And a reminder to use this widget to ensure that your seafood choices are sustainable.



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  1. The updated blog from Sao Tome can be found here. Some world-class pictures of the educational outreach program in action as well as some beautiful dive and beach pix from the biological researchers:


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