Jun 082012

Today is World Oceans Day – a celebration of our planet’s oceans and a chance to promote awareness of ocean conservation.

Here are some ways to celebrate and get involved.

  • Attend one of the World Oceans Day events around the world.
  • Wear Blue, Tell Two – Wear Blue to raise awareness for ocean conservation.  Tell your friends and family why you are wearing blue, and share two facts about our ocean or two ways they can help protect it.
  • Sponsor or host an aquatic clean up.

Here are my two ideas for helping to protect our ocean.

  1. Host a sustainable seafood dinner, and hand out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch pocket guide to your guests.
  2. Don’t turn our oceans into a dump.  Purchase products without plastic packaging.  Recycle your plastics. Pick up plastic bags left as trash on the beach or floating in the ocean.

What are your two ideas?

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