Aug 052012

I can’t think of a better place to test drive new underwater photo gear than Sunset House in Grand Cayman.  What makes it so special?  Quite simply, it’s the home of the most comprehensive on-resort underwater photo center I’ve ever encountered.  Established by the the renowned photographer Cathy Church, the photo center has absolutely anything and everything a novice, intermediate or experienced underwater photographer could possibly want or need (including super-knowledgeable and friendly staff).

I spent several days at Sunset House getting accustomed to my FishEye Fix housing for the Canon G12.  I also tested a Sea and Sea YS110a strobe, in an attempt to make the transition from shallow depth, ambient light UW photography to strobe UW photography.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Stingray – shallow depth, no strobe

Porcupine fish – Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Black Durgon – Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Peacock Flounder – Sunset House

Reef Squid – Sunset House

Squirrel Fish with Isopod – Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Green Moray – Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler


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