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So, how am I going to carry my SLR camera while traveling or on a day of shooting?  It’s a longstanding dilemma typically unsolved by the inventory of masculine camera bags found on the market.  Thankfully, several bag designers have solved this quandry for the stylish female photographer.  One of my recent favorites is The Bossi Bag by Theit.

This bag is my ideal size for a day of shooting (dimensions in inches are 14w x9h x 6d).  I am able to comfortably carry my daily essentials plus my Canon 60D with attached lens, one additional lens and an iPad.

Bossi Bag Contents

Interior of Bossi Bag, all items fit comfortably with room to spare

It’s important to me that my iPad fits easily and securely into my bag, and the design of The Bossi Bag is perfect in that regard.

iPad slides easily into a cushioned slot

Another cool feature of this bag is that it is water-resistent.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for a day of shooting on the water while sailing or boating.

Other features that I love about this bag-

  • Customizable protective inserts that cushion your gear (and can be moved around to accommodate different lenses or accessories).
  • Two carrying options – a long chain strap for use as a shoulder bag or cross-body and dual handles for carrying.  I also find that the dual handles fit over my shoulder if I am not wearing a coat, so for me, this bag has three carrying options.
  • Medium sized zippered exterior pocket is perfect for my iPhone and a lip balm (easy access items).
  • The Bossi Bag is relatively lightweight compared to other camera bags.

I own and use several other camera bags.  I find it is useful to have several different styles which serve various purposes and uses.  I’ve recently purchased a Pelican rolling carry-on for air travel with underwater photography equipment.  I will review the Pelican bag after I use it on my next dive trip.

For the girls out there, how do you travel with your camera?  Do you own multiple camera bags (i.e. one for travel and one for everyday shooting)?  What works best for you?

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