Oct 272012

The Canon D10.  What a tumultuous love affair I’ve had with you.  You were my gateway drug.  You lured me into the complex world of underwater photography, like a Siren luring a sailor into the sea.

You and me – In happier times

At first, my love for you was unwavering.  Your image quality, ease of use and performance at shallow depths was unparalleled.  I traveled the world with you.  We made a good team.  But then, you began to let me down.

You decided to shut down on me in the Dubai desert.  Why?  I have yet to understand.  I treated you well, didn’t I?  With a flight to the Maldives scheduled for the following day, I couldn’t risk traveling without you.  My loyalty to you was not yet in question.  So I went to Dubai Mall and repurchased you (Model 2) at a premium. We frolicked together in the Maldives and had a fantastic time.  You did not let me down on this trip.

Our next snorkeling trip was on the horizon.  A grand family gathering in the US Virgin Islands.  Could I still trust you?  Would you be by my side the entire time?  Only time would tell.

We arrived in St. Thomas and all seemed to be going well.  You were behaving.  I was happy.

On the third day of the trip, something changed.  First you gave me an error message that I didn’t understand. I thought you were in a bad mood; like a tropical storm that would soon pass.  But quickly, I realized you had failed me again.  For the second time.  You were flooded; despite the fact that I continued to treat you with kindness. I had trusted you, and you let me down.  Silly me, I had no underwater backup.

Soon after returning home, I did two things.  I obtained an underwater housing for my Canon G12 . And I called Canon and scheduled a repair for Model 2.

The bond of trust was gone for good, yet I still gave you another chance.  I still loved parts of you – your image quality and ease of use.  I would use you as my backup for my Canon G12 with Fisheye Fix housing.  My guard was up.

We traveled to Grand Cayman together and had a great time.  You seemed to accept your new role as my #2, and you didn’t complain.

I had regained a shred of trust in you, so I took you to St. John this September for a week of snorkeling.  You were now Model 3 – a freshly refurbished beauty sent to me by Canon.  I had high hopes that you would perform well on this trip, still as my backup.  You started out just fine, but soon lapsed into your old ways.  Old habits die hard.  You died on day three of the trip. You flooded yet again.  Thankfully, I was not relying solely on you.  I had learned my lesson.

I returned home from the trip and called Canon yet again to ask what could be done.  Imagine my surprise when they refused to help me, unless I paid a hefty repair fee.  You were outside of your warranty for refurbished models.  I couldn’t believe it.  This is what I get for years of brand loyalty?  This is what I get for refusing to consider other brands (we don’t use the five letter word that starts and ends with “N” in this household)?  I was furious.

D10, you did me wrong.  My love affair with you is over for good.  After many hours of research, I have replaced you with an Olympus TG-1.  Until your makers put some solid technology behind you and stand firmly behind your character, YOU are not welcome here.  I can no longer recommend you as a trusted companion. We will no longer be reeftraveling together.

With Regrets,



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