Oct 142012

As divers and snorkelers, we know that sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we don’t.  Some dives are so incredible and so visually stimulating that we can’t decide where to focus our gaze.  And others are just plain average (“How was the dive?” “Oh, I was just happy to be in the water.”)

For years, I’ve professed my love of St. John’s shore snorkeling.  And on my recent trip, I had two particularly magical (otherworldly, really) snorkeling experiences.

The first was on the house reef at Gallows Point Resort.  I set out for a late morning snorkel on an especially beautiful day.

I had snorkeled this reef the day before, and I thought I knew what to expect.  What I found both was both surprising and enchanting – a “sea” of large (14 inches/35 cm) moon jellyfish.  I watched in awe as 15-20 of these ethereal creatures pulsed around me, propelling themselves through the sparkling turquoise water.  I swam and photographed them, all while maneuvering through the obstacle course created by their bodies and tentacles.

Here are some other shots from the house reef at Gallows Point.

French Angelfish

Blue Tang


Hawksbill Turtle




I’ll tell you about my second magical St. John snorkeling experience later this week.  Can you believe it wasn’t on a reef?

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