Oct 242012

In my last post, I promised to tell you about my second magical snorkeling experience on a recent trip to St. John.  We packed the Jeep on a gorgeous day and headed north to Maho Bay.

Maho Beach from the Water

After parking our chairs in the white sand (under a sea grape tree for shade), we watched a baby lemon shark cruise the beach at the shoreline.  Apparently, it was something of a local celebrity (or so we were told).

A shark sighting before we entered the water – this was going to be a good day.

We excitedly donned our snorkeling gear, readied the cameras, and headed to the north side of the bay underneath the Maho Bay Camps.

Maho Bay Camps

There’s no reef in this particular spot, so we swam out to the sea grass beds where green sea turtles are known to procure their afternoon snack.  We were lucky enough to spot several of these beauties…

…as well as a few Southern Stingrays…

…and a conch or two.

I was pretty satisfied by that point and could happily have swam to shore, but I still wanted to explore the area beneath the camps.  That’s when this foray turned into one of the best snorkeling experiences of my life.

As the water darkened, I realized I was swimming into an enormous bait ball (easily the size of an Olympic swimming pool, or maybe two).

This school of jacks was hiding in the baitball

The water was teeming with life like I’ve never seen.  And then the tarpon came to feed.

These tarpon were about 6 feet (1.8 m) long

Every few minutes I would hear a crashing noise and look up to find one of these guys staring at me.  The pages of National Geographic were coming to life right before my eyes.

The rain did not put a damper on our day

The tarpon kept coming – growing in number.  At one point we estimated at least two dozen.

Tarpon with remora

Here is a short video of the experience.

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  1. Seeing the stingray up close reminded me of your encounter with a stingray the day before your wedding! Looks like this one went a lot more smoothly! ;)

  2. Very nice Pictures! Love the video, too. Thanks so much, I love it!

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