Nov 252012

More moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) shots from Gallows Point on St. John.

These shots were taken by Mr. Reeftraveler with a Canon S90 and Fisheye Fix Housing.

The moon jellyfish is common and plentiful and is found in many parts of the world.  Don’t fret too much if you see one of these jellies in the water.  While they may appear menacing and scary, their sting is quite harmless to humans.

Nov 172012

During my recent raid on Mr. Reeftraveler’s Lightroom catalogue I found another trove of shots from our otherworldly snorkeling experience at Maho Bay.

Can anyone ID the critter in Photo #5?

Stingray hiding in bait ball




Anyone have an ID on this worm-like creature?

Fishing for a meal

Two very happy snorkelers

As an aside, we tried to keep the colors as close as possible to what our eyes saw that day.  We were in the water for almost two hours, and it rained off and on.  The water color changed before our eyes several times during the snorkel.