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I’ve just spent two incredible weeks in Fiji with Mr. Reeftraveler celebrating his birthday, my birthday and our 5 year anniversary.  My mind is brimming with fresh memories.  Memories of a place with stunningly beautiful scenery (the quintessential South Pacific  – very Michener-esque) – and equally beautiful people. Memories of a place I hope to revisit one day.

We tried to immerse ourselves in the Fijian way of life.  As the pace slowed, we happily followed suit and mellowed out (kava helps with that too).  “Hello” and “Good Morning” were replaced with an enthusiastic “Bula!”.  My flip-flops stayed in the suitcase for the entire trip – making an appearance only for boarding an island hopper flight.

Here are some important lessons I learned about Fiji.

-The coral is as amazing as its reputed to be.  It’s reputation as the “soft coral capital of the world” is well-deserved.

Matangi Island Reefscape

-The native Fijians really are among the kindest and friendliest people on Earth.

Women of Togo Village, Qamea Island

-Kava wasn’t an acquired taste for me…  I liked my first bowl (a high tide).

-In Fiji, it’s a sulu.  In Bali, it’s a sarong.  In Tahiti, it’s a pareu.

-The school system, even in the remotest of villages, is very impressive.  The children are gifted with grace, talent and endearing smiles.

-One visit is definitely not enough.

Have you visited Fiji?  If so, what lessons did you learn?

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  1. I love the comments about the people. It makes me want to go there. Of course the scenery in beautiful but I love people and especially children. The children are beautiful!

  2. awesome pictures! more please

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