Feb 072013

I’ve long been a fan of rashguards for snorkeling, swimming and beach going.  And while I still find them indispensable, I need more sun protection for my 2+ hour snorkeling expeditions.  You simply can’t count on sunscreens to protect the backs of your legs for 2 hours in the water.

I’ve recently found a perfect solution to this problem – this dive skin/stinger suit from ecostinger.

Ecostinger suit

Snorkeling in Savusavu Bay, Fiji

This suit is so comfortable you could sleep in it (not that I’ve done that).  It fits like a glove, and the fabric is holding up beautifully (no piling).  And the sun protection is UPF 50, which means no awful sunburns.

I think I’ve gotten a compliment almost every time I’ve worn this suit.  I’m often asked by strangers where they can get one, so I thought I would share the scoop here.

So maybe you only snorkel for 15 or 20 minutes at a time.  Why would you want or need to wear a dive skin?

  • You want to avoid jellyfish stings.
  • You want to avoid a full body sunscreen application (just remember your neck, hands and feet).
  • You become cold easily (a dive skin will provide a bit of warmth).
  • You take a medication that causes sun sensitivity, and you burn, blister or develop a rash even when using sunscreen properly.
  • It’s looks pretty sleek.
  • You are tired of burning the backs of your legs while snorkeling.

Needless to say, I’m sold on this suit.  It’s become a permanent part of my gear bag.  And as a disclaimer, I purchased this suit myself.  It was not given to me in connection with a promotion.

I should mention that these suits are not just for girls.  Ecostinger carries suits for men and kids too.

What do you wear while snorkeling?  Do you rely on a rashguard?  Do you simply load up on sunscreen and head out in your swimsuit?

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