Mar 022013
Lionfish Spear - Gallows Point, St. John

Lionfish Speared – Gallows Point, St. John

Another lionfish removed from St. John waters. For those in the Pacific who ask why this is a good thing- lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean and parts of the Atlantic Ocean. They have no known predators and voracious appetites for Caribbean reef fish.

Many islands are hosting lionfish derbies with prizes for those who capture the most fish. Others are adding lionfish to local restaurant menus (although I haven’t eaten it myself, I am told it is a tasty fish).

Their numbers are flourishing, and they are headed south. Please do your part and report any Caribbean lionfish sightings to the local dive shop. Even better, purchase a lionfish marker and carry it with you while diving or snorkeling.

Have you seen lionfish in the Caribbean? Where have you seen them?

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