May 132013

Each year from December through May, humpback whales migrate to Hawaii’s Kohala Coast to breed and give birth.  It is estimated that as many as 12,000 humpbacks, weighing up to 45 tons, can be found in Hawaii’s waters each year.  During this time, you can not only see them from shore, but you can also hear their songs if you free dive or snorkel (with your entire head submerged).

In March I went on a whale watch boat for the first time.  The wind was fierce (gusting up to 30 knots) and the waves were high, but we had an amazing day as nature put on a show for us.


Kona Whales2

Kona Whale Tail

There were whales to port and to starboard and forward and aft.  We saw giant males propel their massive bodies out of the water, and small calves swimming timidly with their mothers.

Kona Whales

Kona Whales3

For those interested in humpback whale watching, other stellar locations around the world can be found in Rurutu, French Polynesia and Vava’u, Tonga (which is high on my ever-growing list of places to visit).

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