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After days of blissful submersion among Bonaire’s resident fish population and colorful corals, we decided to spend the last day of our trip exploring the topside of the island.  We jumped in the truck, armed with a map and a camera, and headed north to Rincon.  We ventured out in search of the unique spirits raved about by locals and astute visitors.  Our destination?  The Cadushy Distillery.

Cadushy Entrance

As we stepped through the gate, we were immediately welcomed into the courtyard by the owner and offered both a tour and a taste of their signature cactus liqueur (the world’s only liqueur made from cactus).

Cadushy Courtyard2

During the tour, the owner explained his craft, the inspiration for each liqueur and showed us the inner workings of his boutique distillery.  The current product lineup includes 6 liqueurs, each inspired by a different Dutch Caribbean island, one rum, one vodka and one whiskey.

Cadushy's Owner - Rightfully proud of his offerings

Cadushy’s Owner – Rightfully proud of his offerings

Ingredients for the Cadushy liqueur

Ingredients for the Cadushy liqueur

And then came the fun part – the tasting.  We sampled each liqueur (6 in all) and each spirit (3 in all).  Our liqueurs of choice were the Cadushy of Bonaire and the Spices of Saba.  We were immediately enamoured with the rum, lightly spiced and crafted with the care of a dedicated artisan.

The Bar

The Bar

I ordered a rum and coke and we set out to explore the funky, open-air courtyard.

Cadushy Distillery Cactus

Cadushy's Wall of Wisdom

Cadushy’s Wall of Wisdom

A bit of wisdom from the wall

A bit of wisdom from the wall

We're how far from home?

We’re how far from home?

We couldn’t leave without a souveneir or two, so we made off with a large bottle of the Rum Rincon, a bottle of the Spices of Saba Liqueur and a bottle of their signature Cactus Liqueur.

If you find yourself in Bonaire, wondering what to do on a non-dive day, a visit to Cadushy is a great half-day outing.  You’ll learn a little bit about spirits, a lot about Bonaire and if you drive the scenic route, you’ll have beautiful vistas on the drive north.

Have you sampled Cadushy’s offerings for yourself?  What are your favorites?

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