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I’m perpetually in the market for new water wear.  Whether it be bathing suits, rashguards, quick drying cover-ups for boat rides, wetsuits or even sun hats.  When I find a favorite, I literally wear it out.  Sun and saltwater are not necessarily kind to most garments.

I’ve recently discovered a few standouts – all problem-solvers of sorts.  Each has made my aquatic life a bit easier.

-As much as I love rashguards for swimming and snorkeling, sometimes they are difficult to “peel” off when they are soaking wet.  The girls at Swish Wetsuits have solved this problem with their zip-up style One Jacket. I’ve worn this jacket for snorkeling, swimming, boating, as a beach cover-up and even out to a casual dinner while traveling.  The fit is flattering and feminine, and the pocket on the sleeve is perfect for small items.

Mere Swish Jacket wm

Purple One Jacket – Courtesy of Swish Wetsuits

Purple Jacket

White One Jacket - Photo from www.swishsuits.com

White One Jacket – Photo from www.swishsuits.com

-Divers and snorkelers with long hair understand that it must be subdued under water.  But how?  I’ve tried everything from braids, buns and ponytails to dive beanies and dive caps.  Nothing was ever quite right, until I tried my most recent purchase – Scuba Do Rag’s CoCo Big Oh!  It is an extra wide headband, made of quick-drying fabric, that has a ponytail opening in the back.  I recently tested it out on several dives in Bonaire, and it worked like a charm.  I first french braid my hair (one braid) and then put the braid through the ponytail opening.  The other big plus is that the fabric is ultra-thin and does not interfere with your mask.

Scuba Do Rag's CoCo Big Oh on my head

Wearing Scuba Do Rag’s CoCo Big Oh

From Scubadorag.com

From Scubadorag.com

The original Scuba Do Rag is also a good mane-taming choice for men or women.  It comes in many funky prints and colors, so your dive buddy can easily spot you.

Scuba Do Rag

Scuba Do Rag

-I like my ocean water temps warm.  Really warm!  Anything below 80 degrees F (26 C) is approaching “chilly” in my book.  In these conditions, I don’t need a full wetsuit for warmth.  But I do like my skin to be covered, and it never hurts to have an extra layer to ward off the chill sometimes present at depths.  On a whim, I recently purchased the Henderson Thermoprene Long Sleeve Shorty. It’s a 3 mm wetsuit with an awesome full front-zip design.  This means no embarrassing crouching or funky, yoga-like maneuvers are needed to don this suit.  I’ve been wearing it with my Ecostinger dive skin underneath.  For me, it’s the perfect combo.

Henderson Front Zip Thermoprene Shorty - Photo from Amazon.com

Henderson Front Zip Thermoprene Shorty – Photo from Amazon.com

Have you found any new favorites recently?

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