Oct 212013

On Thursday, October 24th at 9:00 pm EST, CNN will air the acclaimed documentary “Blackfish”.  For those unfamiliar with this film, “Blackfish” examines the matter of orcas in captivity, a controversial issue which surged to the forefront of the American conscience in 2010 when Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau was tragically killed by an orca named Tillikum.

Oracas in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska - Source: NOAA

Oracas in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska – Source: NOAA

I’ve been following the issue of marine mammals in captivity since the Sea World accident occurred in 2010.  I highly recommend reading “The Killer in the Pool”, an Outside Magazine feature by Tim Zimmerman which delves deep into the heart of this polarizing issue.  This is not light reading, rather, it is a well-researched, robust piece guaranteed to provoke an emotional response.

For more information –

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Death at Sea World, by David Kirby

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