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…at least that’s the mantra at Bonaire’s Paradise Moon restaurant.

Paradise Moon Menu

This funky, open-air restaurant and bar is one of my favorite low-key spots for lunch or dinner on the island.

Dive Flag Tabletops at Paradise Moon

Dive Flag Tabletops at Paradise Moon

And the restaurant is doing its part to help control the island’s lion fish population by serving (its extremely popular) lionfish ceviche.

Paradise Moon Menu Closeup

I had my first (and definitely not last) taste of lionfish here recently when Mr. Reeftraveler ordered the ceviche. I’ve often heard others rave about its delectable flaky texture, but I remained skeptical.  Was it truly tasty, or was that a myth designed to convince Caribbean travelers to embrace this “exotic” menu item?  Would I be poisoned? The answers are yes and no.  Yes, it is really tasty.  And no, you won’t be poisoned by eating lionfish.  It’s flesh does not contain venom.

Paradise Moon's Lionfish Ceviche

Paradise Moon’s Lionfish Ceviche

According to Reef, eating lionfish is one of the most important things we can do to help control the population. So go ahead and indulge!  You’ll get a great meal AND help the environment at the same time.  A list of restaurants serving lionfish is below.

Lionfish Links

Lionfish Recipes

List of Restaurants Serving Lionfish

10 Frightening Facts about the Lionfish Invasion


And here’s a video showing how to clean a lionfish for cooking

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