Jan 112014

Mr. Reeftraveler recently snapped these two moray eels sharing a moment on Bari Reef in Bonaire.

Moray Pair

Moray eels are one of my favorite species to shoot.  Capturing that perfect open-mouth shot is always exciting.  They are common at many tropical dive sites, and their behavior patterns are familiar.  But the moray possesses some unique characteristics not often seen in other fish species, such as-

-Morays are one of few fish species with the ability to swim backward.  Other marine life with this unique ability are dolphins, shrimp and lobster.

-The moray’s body is covered in a layer of mucous, which allows it to swim in and out of crevices without damaging its skin.

-The moray moves its jaw up and down not because it is threatening you.  It’s simply performing one of the most basic of tasks – breathing.


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