Jan 272014

It’s difficult to get a sense of scale in the photo below, but this beautiful Midnight Parrotfish was about 3.5 feet in length (106.68 cm).   While most fish ID guides say that this species maxes out at 2-3 feet, this particular fish apparently failed to read the guide book.

Midnight Parrotfish

Midnight Parrotfish – Bari Reef, Bonaire

This photo is special to me because this was my first Midnight Parrotfish sighting.  Despite logging hours and hours under Caribbean waters, I had not spotted one of these beauties until late last year.

Below are the stats on this beautiful fish.

Range – Western Atlantic to Caribbean to Brazil

Diet – this species eats algae by breaking off pieces of coral

Average Size – 1-2 feet, 30-60 cm

Color – Navy blue with light and medium blue scales and markings

Abundance – Uncommon/Rare

Have you spotted the elusive Midnight Parrotfish?

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