Jan 272014

It’s difficult to get a sense of scale in the photo below, but this beautiful Midnight Parrotfish was about 3.5 feet in length (106.68 cm). ¬† While most fish ID guides say that this species maxes out at 2-3 feet, this particular fish apparently failed to read the guide book.

Midnight Parrotfish

Midnight Parrotfish – Bari Reef, Bonaire

This photo is special to me because this was my first Midnight Parrotfish sighting.  Despite logging hours and hours under Caribbean waters, I had not spotted one of these beauties until late last year.

Below are the stats on this beautiful fish.

Range – Western Atlantic to Caribbean to Brazil

Diet – this species eats algae by breaking off pieces of coral

Average Size – 1-2 feet, 30-60 cm

Color – Navy blue with light and medium blue scales and markings

Abundance – Uncommon/Rare

Have you spotted the elusive Midnight Parrotfish?

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