Feb 032014

I was descending down to the reef after a giant stride into the turquoise sea at Bonaire Dive & Adventure’s pier on Bari Reef in Bonaire (the most diverse reef in the Caribbean according to REEF).  After several seconds of fiddling around with my camera settings, I noticed a dark shadow just inches above my head.  Feeling certain that an unknown diver was accidentally encroaching, I spun quickly around and saw this swimming over me.

Manta Ray in Bonaire

Thankfully, I was not rigged for macro!

Have you spotted Bonaire’s mantas?  This beauty was slowly cruising south in 15 feet of water, just earlier this month.

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  2 Responses to “Manta Ray Monday”

  1. Hi Meredith, so I missed the manta today? Well, need to go diving again on Bari again.
    Hope everything is fine?

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