May 222014

A new underwater webcam has been added to our Webcams page, and it’s a good one!  From, this underwater webcam from Grand Cayman’s East End is sure to capture some interesting action on the reef.

You can even take your own snapshot from this cam and share it on social media.  Here’s my shot below.

cayman cam

Special thanks to our friend Dan for sending me the link to this webcam!

Sep 032013

…of the lobster kind.

Panulirus Argus to be exact.

Caribbean lobsters look quite different than the red-tinged Maine lobsters that many of us are accustomed to. They are spiny and lack claws. And they are typically (but not always) smaller than the thick-clawed species found in Maine.

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Feb 152013

Mr. Reeftraveler shot the photos below on our last trip to Grand Cayman.  I found them today in our Lightroom catalog, did some basic editing, and determined that we had previously overlooked a few gems.


These photos were shot with a Canon S90 with a Fisheye Fix Housing and Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe.

You can see more of our Grand Cayman photos here and here

Aug 272012

Grand Cayman is one of the Caribbean’s culinary havens.  Great restaurants are easy to come by, and you’ll want to return just to try the restaurants you didn’t have time to try on your last trip.

The standout dining experience on our July trip was at la Dolce Vita – a waterfront Italian bistro in Georgetown.

Sunset View from our Table

I started with the Contadina salad, which was exquisite in its freshness and simplicity.  My entree was the Gnocchi Virgina.  It was pure pillowy, pesto-y goodness.

Gnocchi Virgina – Dolce Vita

Mr. Reeftraveler indulged in the Seafood Pasta special, which was similarly amazing.

Seafood Pasta Special

A few tips to know before you go.

Tip 1 – Make a reservation

Tip 2 – Go at sunset

Tip 3 – Be prepared for a splurge (but really, nothing in Grand Cayman is inexpensive)

And finally, be prepared for some fantastic food and warm, Italian-style hospitality.


Aug 152012

Sorry for the brief absence of late.  I’ve been away visiting family in the wilds of West Virginia.  It’s a beautiful state – one well worth a visit if you love the outdoors.

Now, back to the tropics…

I’m going to subject you to yet another batch of underwater photos from our recent trip to Grand Cayman.

Needlefish, Sunset House Reef

Green Moray – Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Oh no! Not the bubbles again!

Porcupine Fish – Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler

Ray Collision