Dec 302011

Aqua Action is our dive shop of choice on St. Thomas. It’s located at Secret Harbour resort, which has a beautiful white sand beach and very good shore snorkeling and diving. I had planned to post dive and snorkel photos from our recent stay there, but my underwater camera met an unfortunate (and sad) demise mid-trip. But I won’t let this happen again, and I’ll tell you why in my next post. Until then, happy Friday!

Oct 142011
This has to be a joke, right?
Photo by Mr. Reeftraveler
Useless Loop is the name of a real town.
So the question of the day is, where is Useless Loop?
Sep 302011

I found this sign on a Dubai beach, and I immediately did a double take.  My first reaction was to be impressed by the volume of information that is packed onto one board.

My second reaction was to tally up how many stings and bites I’ve accumulated from this lineup of marine life.

Jellyfish – 3

Stingrays – 1

Sea Snakes – 0

Dolphins – n/a

For the beachgoers out there, what is your first reaction to this sign?

Sep 162011

I stumbled upon this colorful display while strolling the quaint streets of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Can you find the item that caught my eye?

Take a closer look…

There’s no denying the power of brand marketing!

Happy Friday!

Have you seen and photographed a funny or ironic sign recently?  If so, I would love to feature it on Reeftraveler.  You can send me a jpeg file via email (less than 2 mb please), and I will try to feature it on this site.