Mar 072013

I’ve just returned from an island that has all but two of the world’s climate zones yet is only 4,028 square miles (10,430 square kilometers).

Do you recognize this mountain?

Do you recognize this mountain?

Here’s another tip – the average temperature is 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (24-28 Celsius).

Where was I?

Sep 302012

I didn’t intend to be absent from the blog for this long.

But something strange happened…  I decided to relax on my vacation.

Plus, I was caught up in the beauty of this magical place and wanted some time away from the myriad gadgets that clutter my life  I use on a daily basis.

Here is one of the views I enjoyed this week.

And here is one more.

Where was I?

Apr 182012

I’m an island nation, whose waters are home to 56 species of sharks (including the magnificent whale shark).  Eighty to Ninety percent of my plant and animal species are endemic (unique to the island). French is a common language among my people, but not the only one spoken.  Oh, and I am not located in the Pacific Ocean.

Who am I?

PS – Check out this Guess the Island post, which hasn’t yet been solved.  Can you guess both?

Oct 232011

I’m an island with the motto “Where America’s Day Begins”.

Image Courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service

I’m also a great place for diving with 300 types of coral, 220 species of benthic marine algae and 950 species of reef fish.

Photo Courtesy of US Navy

Who am I?

Aug 262011

I’m an island nation known for my beautiful beaches and sunny weather. I’m not as well known for my wild and wonderful east coast, which attracts those seeking Caribbean surf.

Of my many stunning beaches, this one in particular is frequently named one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Lots of Photo Shoots Here


Visitors may be surprised when they spot green monkeys in my trees, or even running across their hotel grounds!

When you visit me, make sure to stop by the fish fry on Friday nights.  The fresh fish is delicious, and you can mingle with my locals who queue up for dinner.  Maybe you will even try some Cou Cou?

Who am I?