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Grand Opening: Bonaire Pepper Works

April 1, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Grand Opening: Bonaire Pepper Works

Creating the world’s first black, pink, green and white destination

Rincon, Bonaire - April 1, 2020

After 500 years of uncontested dominance, the salt industry on Bonaire is now joined by the perfect complement, Bonaire Pepper Works. Our vision is to drive balance and sustainability to the island economy, and to make Bonaire the first black, pink, green and white destination – based on the color of peppercorns.

BOPEPPER™ provides four peppers and one blend to start:

Pretu – Traditional Black peppercorns

Chogogo – Pink peppercorns

Lora – Green peppercorns

Makamba - White peppercorns

Peperimentu – A creole mix of all four, ideal for Krioyo cooking

BOPEPPER™ Offerings

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The new Bonaire Pepper Works will be located on the site of the former BOPEC facility, which will be renamed BOPEPPER™. The existing oil tanks will be cleaned and transformed into solar greenhouses and storage facilities. Pepper production will be harvested by local experts known as Peppies, providing much-needed jobs.

BOPEPPER™ Facilities

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Bulk product will be moved by solar-powered conveyor belts to a new zero emissions Pepper fleet, initially consisting of three ships - the Achu, the Salu and the Pepperdam.

“There is no reason such a hot island can’t also be a little chile.” said company spokesman Pieter Pijper.

BOPEPPER™ will be sponsoring an annual Pepper Festival called Pepperpalooza, to be held at Spice Beach. The Bonaire Culinary Team will be the beneficiary of a fundraising dance contest for the best pair to perform the island’s hot new dance – the “Shake and Grind”.

BOPEPPER™ products are Organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Zero calorie, and Carbon-neutral, with No Animal Testing.

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