World Wetlands Day 2020

Kayaking Bonaire's Lac Bay during World Wetlands Day

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We assisted Stinapa and Stinapa's Junior Rangers by giving nature tours in and around the mangroves of Lac Bay.  

Among the interesting finds during the tours were a magnificent frigatebird, brown pelicans, various mollusks such as nerites, a flamingo tongue and a wide-mouth purpura and black and red mangrove trees.

Nature Tours

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So why are wetlands and mangroves so important?  There are several main reasons.  

First, they provide a protective barrier for our shorelines.  Their strong roots are a physical defense against many threats to shorelines such as storm surges, erosion, and flooding.  

Secondly, they act as nurseries for many aquatic species.  Their dense root systems are the perfect place for juvenile and immature species to hide from potential prey.

Third, dense mangrove forests are an important biodiverse habitat for many important and threatened species of fish, sea turtles, reptiles mollusks, mammals and birds.  

And finally, mangroves help fight against climate change by storing infinitely more carbon than other forest habitats.

So while many people see mangroves as simply mosquito-ridden swamps, these formidable forests are one of nature's gifts that we must strive to preserve.

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