Photo Editing Services - reeftraveler

In addition to being an avid nature photographer and an experienced scuba diver, we specialize in customized image editing and post-processing for wildlife, underwater, bird and nature photographers using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Our services can benefit novice photographers, those inexperienced with post-processing software and tools or professional photographers with little time to edit their growing trove of images. Our philosophy is that high quality image editing requires a light touch, familiarity with subjects and their behavior, technical knowledge of editing software and tools, as well as an understanding of the photographer’s intent. Editing services include, but may not be limited to, the adjustment of exposure, white balancing, color correction, cropping, adjustment of highlights and shadows, removal of stray objects, backscatter removal and placement of watermarks (upon request).

Considerations for the Photographer

It is much easier and cleaner to edit files that are shot in the RAW file format (the equivalent of digital negatives). While we will accept JPEG images for editing, we can not guarantee optimal results. Also, please be aware that once a JPEG file is edited, it can not be converted back to its original state without significant file data loss. If you shoot underwater in low light (at depth) with no strobe or strobes, it could be difficult to produce a true color saturated image, even with expert editing. We may still accept your image or images for editing, but optimal results are not guaranteed. We do not add elements to a photo that were not present in the photo as originally

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