Bonaire Marine Life ID


Bonaire is home to 340 species of reef fish and countless other species of marine life.  The island’s diverse reef life invokes a natural curiosity about what we see underwater.

Here’s a guide to some of the more common fish and reef creatures that you may spot in Bonaire.

Parrotfish & Angelfish

Parrotfish, Angelfish & Butterflyfish

[img src=]Reef Butterflyfish
[img src=]Foureye Butterflyfish
[img src=]Queen Parrotfish (Adult)
[img src=]Queen Parrotfish (Initial Phase)
[img src=]Princess Parrotfish
[img src=]Midnight Parrotfish
[img src=]Rainbow Parrotfish
[img src=]Stoplight Parrotfish (Adult)
[img src=]Stoplight Parrotfish (Initial Phase)
[img src=]French Angelfish (Adult)
[img src=]French Angelfish (Juvenile)
[img src=]Queen Angelfish

Large Fish

Miscellaneous Fish

Miscellaneous Fish

[img src=]Glassy Sweeper
[img src=]Grey Snapper
[img src=]Scorpionfish
[img src=]Longlure Frogfish
[img src=]Seahorse
[img src=]Scrawled Filefish
[img src=]Whitespotted Filefish
[img src=]Bar Jack
[img src=]Yellowfin Mojarra
[img src=]Spotted Drum
[img src=]Spotted Drum (Juvenile)
[img src=]Lionfish
[img src=]Peacock Flounder
[img src=]Soapfish
[img src=]Goatfish
[img src=]Surgeonfish
[img src=]Coney
[img src=]Schoolmaster (Adult)
[img src=]Schoolmaster (Juvenile)
[img src=]Bigeye
[img src=]Sand Diver
[img src=]Ocean Triggerfish
[img src=]Black Durgon
[img src=]Spotted Trunkfish
[img src=]Honeycomb Cowfish
[img src=]Rock Beauty
[img src=]Creole Wrass
[img src=]Spanish Hawkfish


Blennies & Small Fish

Blennies & Other Small Fish

[img src=]Spinyhead Blenny
[img src=]Redlip Blenny
[img src=]Tessellated Blenny
[img src=]Southern Smoothhead Glass Blenny
[img src=]Ringed Shy Blenny
[img src=]Sailfin Blenny
[img src=]Yellowhead Jawfish
[img src=]Slender Filefish
[img src=]Blue Chromis
[img src=]Peppermint Goby
[img src=]Yellowhead Jawfish
[img src=]Harlequin Bass
[img src=]Fairy Basslet
[img src=]Bandtail Pufferfish
[img src=]Sharpnose Pufferfish
[img src=]Yellowtail Damselfish
[img src=]Threespot Damselfish
[img src=]Longfin Damselfish
[img src=]Post Larval Juvenile Trunkfish

Jellyfish, Squid & Octopi


Mollusks, Crustaceans & Worms

Turtles & Rays